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Extremadura developer meetings: what was good, what can get better?


could you please help me to refine this mail to make the answers
more relevant? the goal is of course to learn how happy people
were with the meetings and how they can be improved. But also
what was good, so we can keep it that way.


Now this year's developer gatherings in Extremadura are over. I
would like to hear what thoughts people had about these meetings.

How effective were they? 
In what way were they efficient?
how could they be more efficent?

How and in what way did you enjoy them?

How was the trip there (and back)?
did you pay your trip yourself?

what meeting(s) did you participate in?

would you come again?

would you like to attent a work meeting but could not?
was that due to personal reasons or limitations of the gathering?


can you think of other relevant questoins?


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