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Re: Hardware for Debian people

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) [061209 14:46]:
> > aparently this can be worked around if the machine is owned
> > outside brazil and is only hosted there. so somehow e.g. fiis
> > could own the machine and have it hosted in .br.

Stratus, could you please try to find out further details or find
out who would know?

> > joey, could that work?
> Assuming that you refer to ffis e.V. I guess so, but you should

uh, sorry, yes.

> contact vorstand@ffis.de when you definitifely plan to go that
> way.

will do. Thinking about this, it should be no problem to own and
export a machine on the german side. I will try to find out more
about that, though.

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