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Re: Hardware for Debian people

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Gustavo Franco (stratus@debian.org) [061209 01:16]:
> > I would be glad to run one of the P4 or P3 to debian-desktop
> > development purposes. Unfortunately, i'm in Brazil and a friend of
> > mine (OpenBSD developer) had troubles when tried to receive some
> > donated hardware (they simple don't get it here and the taxes are
> > absurd).
> aparently this can be worked around if the machine is owned
> outside brazil and is only hosted there. so somehow e.g. fiis
> could own the machine and have it hosted in .br.
> joey, could that work?

Assuming that you refer to ffis e.V. I guess so, but you should
contact vorstand@ffis.de when you definitifely plan to go that

Please inspect this with the authorities first, and find out which
kind of papers need to be supplied with the machine, as it would
be really bad if such a thing would happen again and/or you'd
end up with enourmous taxes.



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