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Re: debian logo on commercial of the big mobilephones shops network

"Evgeniy Ivanov" <lolkaantimat@gmail.com> writes:
> <quote>
> This is not the Debian Swirl.
> </quote>

Why do you quote what I say, but don't actually react to it?

> I think that first of all somebody from Debian managers should contact
> with this shops network.

Who is a Debian manager? Apart from the fact that Debian has noone that
really can act as a legal represantive in Russia, we have no real
trademark policy at the moment.

> If it wouldn;t be succesful everybody must write them about using this
> logo. After hungreds letters they will decide to not use debian logo.

Why should they?

> We must fight for freedom of THE Debian project!

I don't see how some russian company using some swirl for advertising
endangers the freedom of Debian.

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