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Re: Re: debian logo on commercial of the big mobilephones shops network

I hadn't been subscribed, so I quoted messages. Now I made subscription, it is the lost "quoted" message :) Sorry fo it.


Who is a Debian manager? Apart from the fact that Debian has noone that
really can act as a legal represantive in Russia, we have no real
trademark policy at the moment.


I ment any letters from debian project team. I may act as a legal represantive in Russia, if you will allow it to me. There is no policy but may be it's time to begin creating it?

I don't see how some russian company using some swirl for advertising
endangers the freedom of Debian.

They are big and has enough money to create new logo, but not to use Debian logo for their needs. This time they use swirl, tomorrow they would make advertisment with tux... Some days after people would think, that Debian is a part of these shops (their intelligent property!).

Evgeniy Ivanov (aka powerfox).

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