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Re: Download AMD64

kosovar pirate <kosowar@yahoo.fr> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I have tried to download the amd64 version of debain
> from the website ftp.fr.debian with jigdo but it
> always answers that there are 647 file left and it is
> unable to download them. I don't know if this come
> from the jigdo files which are not updated. Anyway can
> you give me a way to finish my installation.
> Thank you and sorry for a so stupid question for
> someone of your level ;-)
> Thank you.

I'm just doing this for the Etch RC1 images and I also see a bunch of
files missing from my partial mirror. I filter out some useless debs
so that is expected.

But jigdo-list downloads the missing files from e.g.:

 --06:15:14--  http://us.cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/snapshot/Debian/pool/main/k/kde-i18n/kde-i18n-nl_3.5.5-1_all.deb

That should work for all jigdo files. Which ones are you trying to


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