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http://wiki.debian.org/SvenLutherAndDI (Was: Open Letter to Anthony Towns about the d-i mediation ...)

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 11:22:30AM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Please do not take these requests as an insult to anyone - I simply 
> haven't been paying this topic much attention for months (and suspect 
> many other readers haven't been doing so either), so I'd like to see 
> some recent examples.

Well, on various suggestions, i have written the following text : 


Which i will try to improve and complete, accordying to remarks and questions
people may ask me about this.

For those awaiting evil gossip, you will be strongly disapointed though, since
i have decided to not go and add links of those bashings and other not-nice
things frans has said about me, but instead, i have written what i believe is
a reasonable explanation of why my commit should be re-activated, including
information on all the bugs and patches i commited accordying to the rules
sets up by the DPL during the mediation, which as you will see ammount to
quite a lot, and the sad fact that there was no-one able to take an active
d-i powerpc porter lead role, even after all these months.

As a conclusion, i believe that the above page clearly shows why my d-i svn
commit access should be restored, and that this sad dispute should be
forgotten, as i hope we are all mature enough to be able to set aside past
differences, and work together for the bettering of debian (and no, the
current climate of flamewars and GRs-for-every-flightly-excuse does not
contribute to that).

So, again, i ask that this issue is but to a stop, that my svn commit access
to the d-i repository is restored, that frans stops his provocations against
me, and that we go back to coding hapily ever after.


Sven Luther

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