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Re: Position Statement to the Dunc-Tanc "experiment"

tytso@mit.edu wrote:

>night.  Did I get demotivated because certain lucky folks earned
>bazillions and were able to buy mansions in Lake Tahoe and Chicago?
>No, because I know that life isn't fair, and that money wasn't why I
>got involved in Linux and Debian in the first place.
>Folks who are claiming that they are demotivated because two people
>have volunteered to give up a full month of their time to take on a
>job where they giving up something like 75% of their normal income ---
>and the problem is that they gave up only 75% instead of 100% ---
>those people who are kvetching should take a very deep look into their
>hearts and motivations.
>If that's what it's all about for those folks, maybe those people who
>have left Debian are really doing themselves (and the project) a
Thank you for expressing this so clearly, I fully agree.


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