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publically accesible NEW queue information

Anthony Towns wrote:
> The packages themselves can't be made available until they've left the
> NEW queue. Whether on spohr or merkel, doesn't make a difference. What
> seems like it should be possible would be automatically running the "dak
> examine-package" tool and providing that output on a public webpage for
> other people to review. That currently uses neat markup that colourises
> things for less, so presumably isn't tremendously compatible with the
> web though. Presumably someone could change that if they were so enthused.
Would it be possible to also make available the information (minus the
notes if you wish) lisa presents during processing in this context?
These already are sent in the NEW messages, but nonetheless would seem
to be among the more useful things to have readily available as well.
I should want to add that to the patch if it's OK with you and fernanda
can run in as a user that is able to access katie.Katie's pkg.files...

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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