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Re: Proposal to delay the decition of the DPL of the withdrawal of the Package Policy Committee delegation

Debian Project Secretary <secretary@debian.org> writes:
>         Sorry, that is not the intended ruling. The ruling was in
>  answer to a query about a random group of undelegated developers
>  changing policy, which would be unconstitutional.

OK, so the constitution allows the DPL to delegate any authority to a
delegate? Ie. the DPL could delegate somebody to overrule developers
on technical actions (6.1.4) or adjudicate disputes about
interpretation of the constitution (7.1.3). I did read the
constitution so that the DPL may not delegate authority that belongs
to somebody else according to the constitution.

I did think that you were referring to a future DPL delegation when
you answered to aj, but I guess you were referring to the REJECT.

> As per that interpretation, I've added a REJECT for uploads of
> debian-policy. I won't be looking into formally creating a new
> delegation 'til after etch has released, at which point I hope we
> can find at least four people who'll be active in maintaining policy
> according to the policy process we've had for quite some time.

>        This presupposes that you have either managed to change the
> constitution, or replaced the secretary with one whose views are in
> line with yours -- since under current wording of the constitution,
> that would be unconstitutional.

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