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Re: dwn futur (take 2)

Andreas Tille a écrit :
On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Fabrice Lorrain wrote:

As a long time reader of DWN and because there is a "may" in the previous sentence, please reconsider quitting 'cause you were doing a F**** great job at it and your work was much appreciated. Thanks.

I agree with you that Joey did a really good job and that it is a real shame
that DWN is not continued.  But I do not agree with you that it is right
to ask Joey to reconsider its decision.  I think the main problem is that
Debian is weak in several places not only DWN according to the "run over
by bus factor".  The question is not why and how joey or someone else
stopped to do one or the other job he did before. The question is: Is there someone else who is able to step in (immediately)?

This question has been answered by Joey.

As a project boasting " Our priorities are our users and free software" [7].4, I would suggest you guys take a bit more time to discuss, before ditching the most used media to inform your users.

We just need somebody who sets its time priorities in a way that is DWN
high enough to become done.

Or instead of _a_ someody, you need _several_ somebody to send pre-digested information to ease Joey's work.

 If it is you and you want to become a member
of the DWN editorial team this would be really great.

I will give a try at feeding information.


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