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Re: dwn futur (take 2)

Fabrice Lorrain wrote:
> Hi Joey (Martin Schulze),
> In [1] you wrote "...Please understand that due to this there may be no 
> future issues of DWN in the current form or that they will only be 
> released less frequently."
> As a long time reader of DWN and because there is a "may" in the 
> previous sentence, please reconsider quitting
> 'cause you were doing a F**** great job at it and your work was much 
> appreciated. Thanks.

For what it's worth, I didn't consider quitting yet.

However, when I read[1] that release managers are to receive $6000 per
month, I have a little bit of an argumentation problem why I should
postpone my studies, work I get paid for, my friends, my family, other
projects and instead work on DWN for an entire day each week.

 1. https://www.pubsoft.org/pubsoft.py/project?proj=Dunc-Tank-etch-rm

DWN in its current form with a sufficiently high quality means that
there's one entire day of work for preparating an issue.  Maybe you
can give good arguments why I should work on DWN and continue to
ignore everything else.

Hint: I also have to pay my rent, insurance, food, clothes etc.

There have been three approaches to keep DWN alive:

 1. Madduck proposed to use a media wiki - but has neither started
    this nor does this imply to have authors writing good articles.

 2. Andi proposed to write for Debian Times instead and have DWN only
    as summary of the times.  This also doesn't explain where the
    authors should come from to write good articles

 3. Felipe Augusto van de Wiel actually started contributing items to
    DWN so that a new issue can be released when enough has been
    contributed to said issue.

> That said, I'm a bit suprised of the very few public discussions on the 
> subject. The ones I'm aware of are [2],[3] + Joeyh blog-post at [4] and 
> these discussions missed quite some feature of DWN. Here are a few for 
> the list :

Fwiw, I'm at least as surprised that only few people understand that
when the project directly or indirecly pays for its developers the
project and motivation changes.  Apparently, most Debian developers
are happy with the current state.  (very unfortunate, imho)

> - is printable : we have been using this feature at work to discuss the 
> news @debian during coffee break

Cool!  I haven't expected this use.

> - is translated
> - the infrastructure are in place and documented [11]. (I discover this 
> page yesterday and I thing it should be more "advertized").

Well.. it's mentioned in every issue...

I don't exactly want to be paid by the project for my Debian work, but
when others are, I need to ask myself why I reject paid work in favour
of unpaid Debian work.  Since DWN requires "only" one day per week and
not 5 or seven, you could divide the amount from above by 5 or 7 and
start collecting this for a DWN editor.

I would like to continue DWN because it's often fun and you learn a
lot, even I still learn a lot.  However, it is real and partially hard



Given enough thrust pigs will fly, but it's not necessarily a good idea.

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