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Re: Policy delegation

On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 12:50:57PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 10818 March 1977, Michael Meskes wrote:

Interesting date Joerg. :-)

> > On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 11:29:48AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> >> I'm withdrawing the "Package Policy Committee" delegation made by Branden
> >> in June last year, in:
> >> ...
> > Would you care to tell us why?
> Simple to answer - Manoj has a different opinion about policy and so may

Aren't we talking about three people? 

> hurt the release, which is obviously the only thing that counts today.

So does this count as part of "the experiment" too? :-)

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