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Policy delegation


I'm withdrawing the "Package Policy Committee" delegation made by Branden
in June last year, in:


That leaves debian-policy maintained by subscribers to the debian-policy
mailing list, according to the process described by the "policy-process"
document in that package. TTBOMK recent versions of policy have been
maintained using arch as the revision control system of choice, and are
available from:


Policy describes itself thus:

    This manual describes the policy requirements for the Debian GNU/Linux
    distribution.  This includes the structure and contents of the Debian
    archive and several design issues of the operating system, as well as
    technical requirements that each package must satisfy to be included
    in the distribution.

The policy-process document recommends that there be between 4 and 8
policy maintainers/editors, who do not have any special powers and in
particular do not have any creative power nor act as a central control
over the contents of policy. Anyone who would like to help maintain
policy is encouraged and welcome to do so, following the guidelines in
policy-process for proposing and uploading changes.


Anthony Towns
Debian Project Leader

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