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Re: LSB 3.1 status for etch

* Jeff Licquia (licquia@debian.org) [061021 08:51]:
> The specific commit which touches msync.c (found in Linus's tree) is
> 204ec841fbea3e5138168edbc3a76d46747cc987.  It depends on several of the
> other patches by Peter Zijlstra that precede it.  The whole group is
> reflected in the patch in Fedora's 2.6.18 kernel called
> "linux-2.6-mm-tracking-dirty-pages.patch".  I have not specifically
> tested the patches, but as this is the only patch which touches the
> msync code in Fedora's package, it seems to be the likely culprit.
> So, it would seem, Debian has a few options:
>  - Apply the Fedora patch to Debian's kernels.
>  - Assume that etch will ship with 2.6.19 or later.
>  - Write a small patch to undo the 2.6.17 change which caused the
> problem, and apply it to Debian's kernels.

Thanks for that detailed report. I assume we need to either apply the
Fedora patch, or create another patch by our own - shipping wit 2.6.19
sounds like a non-option to me.


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