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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?

"Christoph Berg" <myon@debian.org> wrote in message 20061011125857.GD3587@df7cb.de">news:20061011125857.GD3587@df7cb.de...
Re: Reinhard Tartler 2006-10-11 <87u02bi5ex.fsf@hermes.olymp.tauware.de>
From my observations, is seems that the only persons who can judge about
these questions are the current DAMs (James and Joerg), and perhaps the
DPL, since only they can approve new members of FD and DAM. (Given that
I understand the current practice correctly).

New DAM and FD members get appointed by the existing members of the
respective group.

It seems as though 8.1.2 gives the DPL the power to apoint new members to the FD and DAM,
and implies that those positions may be delegated positions by definition.

That is not to say that your above statement is incorrect, but it sounds like new DAM/FD members may require DPL approval (even if implicit, i.e. lack of dissaproval).

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