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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

Le dim 8 octobre 2006 15:36, Stephen Gran a écrit :
> This one time, at band camp, Pierre Habouzit said:
> > Le dim 8 octobre 2006 14:18, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :
> > > And if the comments associated to the project proposal indicate
> > > that there's some controversy in the idea behind the project,
> > > then the donor would be aware that there's a risk that the stuff
> > > doesn't get integrated into Debian proper.
> >
> > hahah, and you expect to find donors with that ?
> Actually, I would expect that this is quite possible.  I wouldn't
> expect them to find enough donor's to provide full time work for
> several people on an ongoing basis, but that's not what this is
> about, AIUI.

well, I've read raphael saying many times on IRC that he'd be glad to 
see such a thing happen. So maybe it's not it *yet* but at least he is 
thinking about it, and he is (and I'll let him correct that statement 
if not 100% correct) preparing the road to a way for DDs to live from 
beeing a DD. That cannot be made with only small or fairly small 
donations (by small I think donations under a few k€/kUSD). So yes, I'm 
worrying about the future.

> > My concern is about money driving how decisions are taken or not.
> > It always ends in bad technical solutions, so my fear is
> > legitimate.
> Sorry, assertion failure detected.
> I think it's entirely likely that enough small scale donations could
> be gathered to allow some projects to be minimally funded for short
> periods without any of the sort of corporate silliness you describe
> entering in to the equation.  If you're talking about orders of
> magnitude more money, then you're probably right, but I don't think
> anyone's talking about getting rich here.

I agree with you about small scale donations. they go in the cat (1) of 
the donations from my mail <200610081246.37500.madcoder@debian.org>.

Though please re-think that keeping in mind that the current discussion 
goes beyond that.

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