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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

Le dim 8 octobre 2006 12:34, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :

> In the worst scenario, the sponsor will be disappointed and will not
> give money any more. But if the rules are clear from the beginning,
> it's only fair.

it's not true. If the sponsoree well-beeing (because he tries to live 
from that) depends upon that, he may take bad decisions to have the 
money after all.

> > Moreover, I don't want to see the money "flow" be influenced by
> > DDs: that's unethical, and deviant.
> You don't want donors to decide directly what to fund and you don't
> want us to tell them what to fund?

did i said that ? you misread me.

I want the donor to decide what they want to fund, and choose who they 
will fund directly, because asking Debian would either be done:
 (1) through GRs (hahahahahaha)
 (2) through a small comitee that would be biased, or that would suffer
     from *BIG* conflicts of interests.

> It looks like you're against using money to let us do real work. :-)

it looks like you don't know how to read ? I'm against money beeing able 
to influence the choices people take in Debian. full stop. I'm also not 
OK with money (or lack of it) blocking Debian because some DD decided 
he needed fund to do do something he "has to" do.

> > I'm (almost) fine with a Bounty structure, but the sponsors and
> > sponsoree should define the terms of the bounty directly, with or
> > without contract, that's their call.  But I DON'T WANT to see a DD
> > structure in the middle, *ESPECIALLY* for "counselling" purposes:
> > that would only benefit to the known developers, not the
> > technically good ones.
> So you would be okay with the structure that I described, provided
> that there's no voting mechanism and that donors are left to
> themselves to select the projects to fund?

I'm not sure to fully understand /what/ you proposed, so I reserve my 
judgement for now, until I see a proper, clean, detailed, open 

> > Good technical solutions are still what Debian is about right ?
> This is not related:
> - known developers are not necessarily bad developers
> - technically good developers are not necessarily unknown

so that would only benefit the good *and* known one ? what's the 
fairness in that ?

> And even if technicall bad but known developers are paid to do some
> work, nothing prevents technically good developers to make sure the
> project is sane from the beginning by reviewing the project proposals
> on the infrastructure. And nothing prevents further improvements
> later in the process. Being paid doesn't mean that we stop doing free
> software.

did I said so ? are you trying to divert my thoughts into some lame 
FUD ? or did you truly not understood me to that level ?

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