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Re: New website layout / design contest?

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 04:16, Matej Cepl wrote:
> Paul Belanger wrote:
> > After all, the point of any distribution is to sell it to a user.
> It is not. For example, Debian Developers usually don't care how many
> users is Debian sold to. And that is a good thing.

If you think of the monetary aspect: okay. But if you think of "selling 
something to someone" in the meaning of promotion then I'll definitely 
second that debian.org's web site is not very appealing. It does its job 
and is functional - but it is not very nifty. And by the way I *do* care 
how many users use my packages or Debian altogether. It's nicer to 
maintain something that 1000 people use than something that is just 
rotting in the archives.

I remotely remember that the last time this topic came up the thread was 
closed with a "this is not a high priority - we are dedicated to deliver 
the best operating system, not the best web site" statement. No doubt 
about that. But people like something nice for their eyes, too. When I 
started playing around with Debian I was surprised about debian.org. So 
many people used Debian privately and professionally but the web site just 
didn't reflect that. Many people judge a product (or in our case: an 
operating system) by the first look. And as Debian is technically well 
done I believe it deserves a good public appearance, too.

I'm not a member of the web team but I could imagine contributing to it 
even though I'm not the greatest web programmer of all times. Perhaps a 
contest may be nice. (But if the result looks as ugly as Ubuntu's web site 
I'm scared already. ;)  ) Whatever it turns out I'm pretty sure that it's 
time for a redesign. Perhaps not pre-Etch though.

I'd be interested in voices of the web team, too.

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