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Re: Recompilation of ALL Debian packages ...

On Thu 31. August 2006 12:47, you wrote:
> Debian is not other distributions. Other distributions have
> dependency hell with source-only uploads. This is a matter of
> policy and being able to blame people if something fails.

No, it is matter of accountability and being able to tell to the 
bank (mentioned in Martin's presentation) that we know who 
compiled the package and we have made reasonable precautions to 
be sure there are no trojans inside. Checking for dependencies 
was meant to be just cherry on the top -- probably it isn't, but 
it wasn't something which I would be that much worried about.

> Without a binary version someone upload (and therefor should
> have tested), he could always claim his upload would have
> worked if the buildds would not have mangled it. So there is
> at least one package everyone can check who is to blame for
> it.

You are right, I wrote source-only upload, but obviously 
upload-binary-and-remove-it is better policy.

> well, besides showing your ignorance for how debian packages

I have never claimed that I am not ignorant -- just curious and 
obviously by madduck's answers I am not that much off the point.

> it by the programs processing the .changes files), I think
> this would be one of the most stupid things to do. Take a look
> at ubuntu, who do this, and how many utterly broken packages
> they get out of this.

Chmmm, either you are smart and wise and Ubuntu people (among 
others) are stupid, or you are trying to bully me out of the 
discussion on petty technical details and you are over-reacting 
in order to avoid the technical discussion. Guess, which option 
I think is more probable? :-)


P.S.: I think I would rather keep the discussion on the list, if 
you won't mind.
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