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Recompilation of ALL Debian packages ...


I was listening to madduck's presentation for Irish LUG 
/technical/martinfkrafft_talk.html) and I was quite shocked to 
learn, that not all binary packages are compiled through buildd 
network, but that most binary packages (mostly those created on 
i386 platform) are uploaded directly by DD.

In bad old days when I was using RedHat I dimly remember that 
contributions to contrib/ directory at RedHat.com were allowed 
to be only as .src.rpm packages and 386.rpm were immediately 
deleted without RH system even thinking about them (through 
crontab). Why in the world is this not done Debian is besides me 
(actually, I thought, it IS done) -- I don't think there would 
be not enough buildd machines with i386, if Debian people would 
try to find them.

Madduck pointed me towards older discussion on this issue 
(http://www.gatago.com/linux/debian/security/14510447.html) from 
May 2004 [!], which is really strange -- everybody agrees that 
it is real security issue, that it wouldn't be that difficult to 
resolve, but if I am not mistaken, nothing happened so far.

Another comment from that discussion made even more thinking 
about this -- somebody mentioned, that of course many DDs are 
not compiling their packages in clean chroot. I have always 
thought that beauty of the fact (which I believed to be true 
then) that everything is recompiled was that all Dependencies 
are really tried in the hard way -- in clean chroot. Apparently 
this is not the case, and Debian is not that much different than 
some more adventurous distributions where dependency hell may 

Wouldn't it be sensible to add that line to crontab (e.g., rm -f 
$INCOMING_QUEUE/*.deb; we have even advantage over Red Hat, that 
we don't have to fiddle with find to delete just binary *.rpm 
and preserve *.src.rpm :-)) and to recompile everything?



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