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Live image: strategic for Debian or not?

I'd be glad to have your opinion about the two
following related issues:

1) According to the documentation [1]:
"There are no official Debian live CDs available.
However, we would like to recommend Knoppix, which is
based on Debian - a very useful, full-featured live

Now, I love Knoppix and I think it's the best
derivative, but I also think it's not pure Debian, nor
is Debian-Knoppix (see point 2).
Nevertheless, if either Knoppix or whichever other
project is recommended, wouldn?t it be nice to offer
it as an official download, branded as Defiant Live
I think that having an official live image would
improve the project's visibility and acceptance. 

2) As a user, I struggle to keep up with the more or
less official projects aimed at building a
Debian-compliant live cd, such as:
 - Linux Live [2], 
 - Debian Live Initiative [3]
 - Debian-knoppix [4]
 - Debian from Scratch [5]
 - mklivecd [6]
 - knoppify [7]
and possibly others. Never mind if I was a developer. 
All of them are in their own singularity valid
projects, but they tend to go their own way and
eventually some stall.

Wouldn't the project benefit from getting the
developers involved in the above mentioned projects to
talk to each other and eventually produce a Debian
live image?

Thank you


Ottavio Caruso

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