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backports.org updates


this night I updated bpo to use the latest dak version, which means it
now has the ~ support. If you spot any errors (like someone already did
once this morning) please mail me or contact me on irc.oftc.net channel
#debian-backports (nick Ganneff).

If you are uploading packages this also means you now should use ~ for
the version number whenever you upload stuff to backports.org, ie
1.2.3-4 -> 1.2.3-4~bpo1. But I guess nobse will write a bit more about
this soon.

Another little difference that should help users is that backports
Release file now features a "NotAutomatic: yes", making it behave
similar to experimental. Which means you shouldn't get updates to bpo
versions automagically anymore *unless* you selected them manually.

bye Joerg
<GyrosGeier> I've annoyed Ganneff enough with that package already, no
reason to top it off by a build-depend on emacs for writing control

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