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Re: backports.org updates

also sprach Joerg Jaspert <joerg@ganneff.de> [2006.08.14.1031 +0100]:
> If you are uploading packages this also means you now should use
> ~ for the version number whenever you upload stuff to
> backports.org, ie 1.2.3-4 -> 1.2.3-4~bpo1. But I guess nobse will
> write a bit more about this soon.

I suggest we wait for nobse to announce this.

One thing I would like to suggest though: can we use bpo.1 instead
of bpo1? Not that it really makes a difference, I just find it less
cluttered and thus easier to read when you're dealing with pages
full of text and dozens of machines.

> Another little difference that should help users is that backports
> Release file now features a "NotAutomatic: yes", making it behave
> similar to experimental. Which means you shouldn't get updates to bpo
> versions automagically anymore *unless* you selected them manually.

Thank you, Joerg!

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