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Re: How to best reach the users of a package?

martin f krafft writes ("How to best reach the users of a package?"):
> [stuff]

Mail to root is sadly not really useful any more (and anyway, does
someone with a cluster of 1000 machines really want 100000 mails a
week?).  And I'm afraid I'm one of those old farts who thinks that
everything-over-http/html is really quite lame.

How about mailing lists debian-{testing,unstable}-announce, with the
following properties:

 * installing testing or unstable causes a debconf notification to
   ask the user to subscribe
 * the package name is at the start of the subject line
 * we provide a simple script which turns the installed packages
   into Exim, sieve and procmail filters, as part of some suitable
   package, and perhaps run it out of cron.
 * messages signed by DDs and every incoming message must have
   a Reply-To (usually either <package>@packages.d.o or debian-devel
   or something).


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