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Re: policy for planet.debian.org

<quote who="MJ Ray" date="Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 08:38:28PM +0100">
> I think planet.d.o should include any debian-related blogs onto
> it (including their non-debian content, if the author wants),
> but exclude people/things that spam it with repeat posts
> or over-long material like entire press releases.  I'd let
> non-English posts on, as long as they're UTF-8 or ASCII (so
> entities) - not all debian helpers enjoy writing English.

We have multiple Debian planets in other languages. I think we should
create a common template that allows people to quickly switch between
different planets in different languages. I do like the idea of
single-language feeds by default.

> There should be warnings for offences, with commenting-out and
> an offer to reinstate when the problem's fixed if needed.

That is the current case. The only posts I have hiden or commented out
without explicitly contacting the poster are posts who who have
accidentally flooded planet.

> Silent removals should not happen.  The only removal should be if a
> feed contains no debian-relevant content.

In fact, if a person is actively involved in Debian, I would still be
alright with the feed had little or no Debian related content. Putting
a human face on a co-worker is, IMHO, related to Debian working well.

Removals happen for repeatedly flooding planet and should be reversed
when someone can demonstrate that the chronic problem has been fixed.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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