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Re: Branding for Debian derivatives -- "Debian Distilled"

* Anthony Towns [Sat, 29 Jul 2006 17:11:40 +1000]:

> Okay, so this is just my idea. Add grains of salt to taste, etc.

> The idea is to take the Debian "official use" logo [0] which we've
> never really made much use of, and declare it the logo for derivatives
> instead. Add the word "distilled" [1] underneath, and you could describe
> a derivative something like this:

>     "Foo Linux" is Debian -- distilled. We've taken the best bits of
>     Debian, removed some of the rough edges and bottled the result. We
>     hope you'll like it.

> Coincidentally the official logo has a swirl without the Debian swirl's
> rough bits, and a bottle! And I think "removing the rough edges" and
> "bottling it" is a pretty fair description of the aims of many Debian
> derivatives to boot. And I don't think it's entirely unfair to say that
> developers and users who prefer Debian itself also tend to prefer the
> rough edges and raw flavour of Debian too.

> Anyway, it's just an idea that I thought was interesting, please do
> come up with your own ideas, or hack this one to pieces by changing the
> description or coming up with a different logo, or whatever.

I personally like the "bottled" and "unrough swirl" ideas quite much,
but I wouldn't like to loose the Official logo for that. But if someone
with design abilities would prepare e.g. a transparent bottle with an
unrough swirl inside, I'd be all for it.

Just my opinion.


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