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Re: package ownership in Debian (was: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?)

Hi Pierre,
  please don't Cc me, I read this list. :)

Il giorno ven, 28/07/2006 alle 19.28 +0200, Pierre Habouzit ha scritto:
> and that won't happen because I'm not very keen on leraning yet another 
> VCS, and that other's think the same, and that you will find poeple 
> that never used svn or just can't use it, and poeple that never used 
> bzr or don't like it , or ...

    I was talking about repositories, not a single monolithic
repository: you are free to use cvs, svn, monotone, bzr, darcs or
whatever else you prefer. If every developer would use a common server
for his repositories, it would be easier for the others to find and use

    Note that I don't think that commit rights for all the packages for
all the developers is the right way to go, as we often have different
technical opinions which could lead in a
commit-uncommit-commit-uncommint war. But a common place for repository
would allow to check if a maintainer is already working on a features
**before** I start working on it too, so we don't duplicate the efforts.

> So IMHO, something has to be done so that integration can be easier, 
> e.g. making so called NMU be more easily accepted, so that 
> nobody/noone/nothing can prevent an actual enhancement of the distro to 
> go on. But one should /still/ be responsible for that or that package, 
> this is what makes debian special, and I will defend it.

I fully agree on your point.

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