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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 11:04:47AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > Yes, Debian does have a role to play when SPI is deciding whether to
> > (for example) support voting software.  The actual decision will of
> > course be taken by SPI via SPI's channels, but Debian is entitled to
> > fully participate in the discussions that lead up to that.
>         I have never seen SPI explicitly solicit official Debian
>  project input, nor have I seen SPI delay any decision in order for
>  such an input to be provided.  Can you show me which instances have I
>  missed? If you can not, can you now see the difference?

Both of these happen *all the time*.  Input is regularly solicited from
Debian by way of the DPL.  The DPL is always at least an advisor to the
SPI board -- which includes read/write access to the spi-board list.
Very few resolutions regarding Debian are even put forth before the
DPL's opinion has been sought.

Here is but one example that Google found for me:

  (search fo "Debian Project Leader" within that page)

Another example is: 


Search for DPL or Debian Project Leader with Google on spi-inc.org, or
better yet, in the SPI list archives and you turn up hundreds of hits.
Far more are not in publically-accessible archives, and there are many
more buried on IRC meeting logs where people say "ask Branden first" or
"check with aj" or whatever (meaning the current DPL).

The DPL is the official communication channel between SPI and Debian,
and I would think it would be wise of you to ASK current and former DPLs
if their input was solicited rather than assume it wasn't.  Very
presumptive of you to assume the worst, isn't it?

>         Funny that such considerations seem so one sided.  What was
>  the last time that the input of Debian as a project (as opposed
>  to opinions of individuals) were sought out by SPI? Or do such
>  considerations only apply to Debian, and not to SPI?

I'd say you could probably count this in weeks, if not days.

-- John

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