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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

On 24/07/2006, at 9:46 AM, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

       So not giving the SPI board oversight on how Debian conducts
 it's internal affairs is sending an unfortunate message? Perhaps I do
 think we should send such a message; and indeed, we should consider
 the creation of a Debian Foundation, more sensitive to our eeds, with
 a constitution that precludes it interfering with our modus operandi
 or else it feels offended.

        Since when neglecting to give the SPI board oversight on our
 GR's, or waiting for their seal of approval,  has become the norm?
 Does SPI wait for the Debian tech ctte to comment on their internal
 processes before they undertake major action?  Should DSebian not
 have oversight instead (as an organization) on an entity that skims
 off the top of funds given to Debian to see how such funds are being

Nobody is talking about giving the SPI board oversight of Debian's affairs. What we *are* talking about is managing affairs between Debian and SPI in a civilised, friendly manner so that we can avoid unnecessary flamewars and attendant (also unnecessary) ill-feeling and bad publicity.

It's also not beyond the bounds of possibility that the new SPI board will have something valuable to contribute to the discussion -- which we could listen to and take on board, because that's what you do when someone makes a valuable contribution to such a discussion. Or perhaps you think NIH syndrome is a good thing?

And regarding your possibly thinking that we should be sending such a message -- if so, I suggest that you first consider discussing your reasons for feeling that way with the new SPI board. I expect they'll be capable of listening to your concerns and taking on board any constructive criticism. If you are dissatisfied with their responses, *then* it might be worth proposing that we send such a message -- but not under the cloak of an "editorial changes" GR (although I hear such cloaks are terribly fashionable these days, I really don't think they work very well with the rest of Debian's wardrobe. Wrong shade of green...).



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