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Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

* Radu-Cristian FOTESCU (beranger5ca@yahoo.ca) [060718 09:38]:
> I'm the customer, being it a customer of a free product. If I'm a customer of
> Mercedes Benz, and I notice that a modified car is still labeled "Mercedes"
> (and *not* "Ssang Yong, powered by Mercedes engines", but simply "Mercedes"),
> I'm affected that Mercedes doesn't care about that. And I'd stop using/buying
> from Mercedes, as long as they don't care to protect their mark.

Do you think Mercedes would tell you anything except "Thank you for your
notice, we will follow up on it"? We did way more, but you keep on
heating up these lists.

And, what do you actually want? Do you want that we all write "you are
our new god, and you are totally right?"? Or what is your aim? As far as
I can see, you are now only creating unproductive heat.

1. you delivered some informations, and, as some people might have
noticed, we already spoke with the vendor to make the CD label better
next time (i.e. we did some action to protect our policy);
2. all recent mails from your side are only a repetition of your
previous mails;
3. your recommended behaviour is well known by now - sue everybody;

Your first mails were definitly helpful. But now you insist in going on
and press and press and make things just insane, which is not helpful at
all anymore.

> For God's sake, it's labeled "Debian Sarge", dammit!

Cursing doesn't help, my son.

And really now: Let's get back and do something productive. Like fixing
RC-bugs for etch. Because there is one thing I definitly don't want to
see: That this magazine creates another DVD based on sarge for next
year's CeBiT - independend of how they title the DVD. They should base
it on etch.


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