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RE : Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

--- Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> a écrit :
> But it says "Debian sarge special", 

As you can see the facts from the web page:
things can be terribly misleading:

1. You can see "DVD-ausgabe mit Debian Sarge". 
There is *no* "Spezial" or "Unofficial" wording on the cover of the magazine!

2. You can see the DVD labeled "Debian Sarge". Nothing more on the DVD face.

OK, it's an "extended" ("erweiterten") version of Sarge in the text, but this
is not clear enough.

> No, it isn't labelled "sarge".

As I can see from the _pictures_ (magazine cover + DVD), it's labeled "Debian
Sarge" very prominently.

Thanks to people correcting me by providing the info that I'm entitled to
have the sources only if I buy the magazine -or- if I otherwise get the DVD
from someone else. 

But for the people who *erroneously* believed it's an official release
(something like 3.1r3 or something), they could have asked for a free
download to be available.

I know that there is no other official release, but you can't expect
"regular" people to be aware of all the details of the Debian lifecycle.
(After all, it wouldn't be impossible to release a r3 before Etch stable,
featuring Firefox 1.5.x. Technically, it's possible. Moreover, people would
expect such a move. I mean: they *would* believe this was an official
release, because they *would* expect Debian to move forward, if you know what
I mean.)

You can't expect people to read the "fine print" on a magazine's Cover!

(the said) Béranger


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