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Colo in .de wanted.

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Hello together,

Point 1:
Can we have somewhere a wiki for hosting offers/requests or is this a
less upcoming subject?

Point 2:

i need colocation for some machines.
Since my 64HE here are filled with 82HE of Hardware i can no more hosts
place here. But still i have some new incoming engines.
I am also at the end of physical possible bandwith.


one place with about ?? HE to host a 
Sunfire 4800
(only one machine)

a second place to host another 18-20HE with E4k5 Servers
(cant split to different places)
optimal would be in same rack

Both can be located also together :)
Must be in Germany.
I am located between Stuttgart and Nuernberg so this area preferred

at least 5 Mbit.

Redundant please

Normally remotehands are not needed. (we have consoleserver and alom like)
Personal access to this server should be possible with 12-24h PPR.


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