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Re: Colo in .de wanted.

On 10708 March 1977, Daniel J. Priem wrote:

> i need colocation for some machines.
> Since my 64HE here are filled with 82HE of Hardware i can no more hosts
> place here. But still i have some new incoming engines.
> I am also at the end of physical possible bandwith.

And as he missed to write the one important detail - that machines are
working for Debian, doing various tasks. Stuff like test-building the
archive (tbm, clint), daily kernel image builds. Generally these
machines are available for Debian Developers that have a reason to use
them and need more machine power than they have available (and dont want
to run eg an OOo build on a debian.org machine).

Just to mention that this is in some way debian related. :)

bye Joerg
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