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Re: Call for a new DPL mediation ... This will be the only thread i will reply to in the next time about this issue.

On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 01:36:03PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 02:06:16PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> >
> >This is not what happened, and i have told both you and Steve that your
> >decision will cause a worse mess, and that this will only mean regular repeats
> >of what we have now. I trusted you and Steve, not to do what i wanted, but to
> >be fair and at least try to find a satisfactory result to this mess.
> >
> >Anthony, i call to you though a second time as DPL and mediator, to get a real
> >solution to this issue, and i will stop all posting on the subject, if you
> >agree to make an effort on this, and hold a real (and public) mediation, and
> >will abide to the result of it in those conditions.
> >
> >So, the ball is in your camp, you chose to present yourself as DPL, and you
> >where elected, so it is your duty to solve this to everyones satisfaction, and
> >altough it is more difficult now, than it was a month ago, there is really
> >very little needed to have everyone work well together forever after.
> Sven, after over a month of irrational, paranoid ranting from you why
> should we believe you will take this any more seriously? In the

Oh, i did count 3 days since thursday, and was making reasonable efforts to
abide by this and be nice. This current mess happened, because it was clear
that Frans would not recognize ever any effort i make, and even if he accepted
me, this left him in a situation, where he was superior to me, and any future
disagreement would cause him to eject me again sumarily.

This is the problem with the previous mediation attempt. 

And you see, any attempt of me to play nice get fully ignored.

> original mediation attempt, AJ and I discussed options with both you
> and Frans and came up with what we believed to be a reasonable
> compromise that would allow you to work on d-i without forcing others
> on the team to have to work with you. Your idea of compromise

But it put all fault on my side, and even if Aj said earlier that he didn't
agree with how Frans acted, there was none of that in the original proposal,
and it left the situation in the unhealthy mess we are in right now.

> apparently involves "give Sven what he wants" and very little more, so

I fully reject that. It would have given both me and Frans what they wanted.
Me the ability to work on d-i without being submitted to frans anger and
arbitrary, and them the not having to deal with me, and the fact that i would
not try to discuss strategical d-i issues or be active on the debian-boot
mailing list.

hell even Steve Langasek said that this seemed a fair proposal, yet neither
you nor Anthony even considered it.

Nor have i seen any evidence that you did more than "give Frans what he wants"
in the mediation attempt.

> you immediately rejected it. You then went on to accuse AJ of
> "stabbing you in the back". That was the point when I gave up on
> trying to reason with you.

Well. That is really the issue at hand, you where trying to reason with me, so
i accepted this humiliating punishment as sentence, and not trying to mediate.

See cobaco's post to anthony about this and comment about it please.

> In light of the situation as it stands, I'd rather support a move to
> simply block you from the mailing lists until you learn some
> self-control. In fact, due to the amount of damage you're causing at
> the moment I wouldn't need much convincing to go further and support
> expulsion proceedings. I had _no_ axe to grind with you before this
> sorry mess started - it's entirely your actions in the last couple of
> months that have made my mind up. Think on that, *please*.

No, it is entirely your actions which set the stage for this current mess. And
i notice that you don't reply on the questions i asked to you, namely why was
my reasonable compromise not even considered, and why was i not adviced before
hand before the sentence was made public.

> [ Also, as you ignored my pleas in my last message yesterday: I'm not
>   going to respond to you any further nor read any more of your
>   ranting. ]

Ok, this leaves Anthony, you are not the DPL, so it is ok for you to default
out of this.

But you see that by doing so, there is no recourse for me than what has been
happeneing these past 3 days.


Sven Luther

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