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Re: Dealing with trolling

Warning: the following is unlikely to be interesting, unless you agreed with MJR


The reason people ignore the thread opener is because it's trolling, not because it targets debian-women.

If Steve Langasek had continued to ignore it, rather than posting
flamebait, I wouldn't have asked that question.
Steve Langasek always ignored the thread opener. He only answered to your mail, since it was "dignifying this waste of flesh".

It's very bad form IMO to send personal messages to lists.
If I understand well what you mean by personal, here's my analysis of this thread until my reply:

*Thread opener intended to waste everyone's time
Not personal

*Your first reply pretending to attempt reasoning the troll

*Steve Langasek's reply asking you to stop feeding

*Your reply pretending that you were following some good advice in your first reply
Let's say personal, although Steve's mail represented most people

*My reply asking you to feed in private

As you can see, labelling a reply as "personal" or not requires determining how many people the person being replied to represents. If you complain that I sent a personal reply to the list, you presumably don't consider your first reply as personal. Which means that you believe that the troll represents several people. I disagree and don't think that anyone, including the troll himself, is stupid enough to believe what the troll wrote.

Not troll-feeding, but troll-challenging.

I'll leave it to you to decide if you fed the troll or not.
As for challenging trolls, you got a bad start. You seem to naively buy a pretention to be

Attempting to discredit a group by posing as a member of that group, and posting inflammatory messages to give the appearance that the group espouses such opinions. This type of troll usually gives him or herself away fairly quickly.

while our troll is

Wasting others' time: One of the greatest themes in trolling is the idea that a troll can spend one minute of time posting a troll, causing multiple other people to waste several minutes of their time, catalytically affecting others. Most trolls enjoy the idea that they can waste others' time at comparatively little effort on their behalf.

(quotes from Wikipedia)

Your behavior *might* have been appropriate if the troll was trying to discredit Debian, but you're dealing with a troll trying to waste others' time. Wasting your own time, and more importantly, other readers' (even more), is the wrong approach.

Thanks for reminding
everyone that #debian is not a fun place any more, too.
As long as you consider yourself as everyone, I guess it's a pleasure.

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