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Packages are being orphaned as developers leave as debian women becomes more influentual in debian.

I have been using debian as my chosen distro for a
long time, well before the rotting stink of
debian-women joined debian. Since debian-women's
inception I have seen many many packaged orphaned due
to a loss of men willing to continue to be debian
developers. It has been said this is because there is
a loss of communication, what I have witnessed is the
imposition of censorship on behalf of the "feelings of
the women" as a yoke around the knecks of the men who
did once make this a great distribution. It is made
crystal clear to men who once supported many packages
that they are no longer wanted in debian because of
their non feminist and anti feminists beliefs, so are
outright thrown out of the project for their, now
unpopular because of the feminist group debian women,

Debian has stopped being a technical project who's
center is free software to a more and more humanist
political party who's center is equal rights, equal
rights for women.

You can say to me: "oh well it's all an illusion,
those packages still exits"... but they don't. You can
also say "well, all projects lose developers"... yes,
and for a reason. The reason here is that women are
being encouraged, along with their own stereotypes and
jokes about men (evil partrical overlords (if only it
were true), behind every man is a woman doing all his
work, etc), while men are being discouraged, along
with our stereotypes and jokes about men (women don't
really do much technical work, women complain about
everything, etc). Debian is becoming a woman's project
and men are leaving it. Is that what you want, because
women will not pick up the slack and you won't like
how the distro turns out.

Debian return to your original goal: a free software
operating system, the best free software opreating
system; and leave behind the pro-women's rights
anti-man politics: Remeber Men Made Debian, not women.

However, women are unmaking debian along with their
faggot supporters who turn out virtually no code in
comparison to the GOOD MEN they replaced.

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