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Re: Shouldn't we have more ftp masters ?

-kernel dropped, we've wasted their time enough on this.

On Fri, Jun 02, 2006 at 01:33:19PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> So, because people are angry with me because of my email communication
> methods, any of my arguments should be dismissed without thought as you did ?
> You do notice that this leaves me only one recourse, so this is hardly the
> smartest thing to do on your part.

I've repeatedly listed three recourses you have -- reduce the number of
NEW packages you make, upload the NEW packages to experimental early
so the delays don't matter, or, if the NEW stuff is important enough
to warrant special treatment and the other options aren't suitable,
which is unlikely but possible, work with the ftpmaster team to work
out another solution.

I presume your "one recourse" is to vote against me next election or
something. I'm afraid you're overestimating how important being DPL is
to me, if you think that's a real threat though.

> > Sven, the only thing that will satisfy you is complete compliance with
> > your demands -- [...]
> Well, you could try it and give a reply. 

You've had multiple replies. You're not satisfied with them -- which
is fine -- but pretending that you haven't had any response ever is
just denial.

> So, i ask you now a direct question. You said something in your DPL plateform,
> which you clearly reject now, or refuse to answer any question concerning how
> this applies to a real world case ? So, the question is :
>   Anthony, did you deliberately lie in your DPL elections like any good
>   politician in order to be elected, or where you not aware that your own
>   actions and position would contradict this point of your plateform ? 

Sven, vitality doesn't mean "Sven gets what he wants, the way he wants
it", it means things happen. It doesn't even mean "things happen in the
areas I care about" -- whether the I is Sven Luther, Anthony Towns, or
anyone else. Vitality includes things like getting Xorg 7.0 into etch
in a timely manner, participating in events like the Google Summer of
Code and the Java relicensing. And it doesn't include obsessing over
the same disagreements for years.

>   Or, you could give a true answer to what i am asking.

Have you had a lot of luck with getting people to do what you want by calling
them liars and politicians in the past?

> > Complaining on the lists, and saying that NEW checking isn't needed for
> > your packages might be fun, but isn't going to be effective.
> My packages, right, i hope the rest of the kernel team doesn't feel offended
> by the way you fully ignore them :)
> Now, if i where to rennounce my position as a member of the kernel team, would
> htis change your opinion on this ? 

The only request I've heard from other people who've worked on the kernel
team this year has been for you to be removed from the project because
you've proven impossible to work with. I don't expect to stop ignoring
that request particularly soon, though I guess you could persuade me
otherwise, if you liked.

How much longer do you want to continue this idiotic one-up-manship
before you're willing to try a different approach of working with people?


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