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Re: Debian-based miniVDR violates GPL (FYI)

On Tue, 23 May 2006, Ciuca, Josephine wrote:
> I just wanted to let you know about a GPL violation in the
> distribution miniVDR, a distribution based on Depian with so-called
> GPL licensed patches (www.minivdr.de). They refuse to share the
> sources and are willing to give them only for 15euros, which is way
> abusive and does not reflect the price of media and cd-burner usage.
> They constantly refused to share the sources on Sourceforge or any
> other OSS promoting service and even mailed me "the harddisk is
> broken, so no sources anymore". I have mails from the maintainer of
> the distribution where he stated I only get the sources for 15eur
> and if I think it's expensive, I should use other distribution. This
> is abusive usage of the GPL code. Please let me know if I should
> forward these mails too or if you need anything.

is where they're distributing Debian without complying with any of GPL
Looks to be a pretty open and closed case;[1] forwarding to
licensing@fsf.org so that they can examine the issue. [Since they
routinely deal with this sort of case, it's probably easiest for them
to just handle it, so I'd suggest just allowing their process to occur

Don Armstrong

1: Assuming that cd actually has a CDD on it; I haven't chacked myself.
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