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Google Summer of Code projects selected

Congratulations to all whose projects were accepted, Debian received 60
eligible proposals, many of those were great projects which we would
have loved to accept but we only had 10 slots that are paid for by
Google so the competition was tough.

The accepted projects are:

    * "Improve the boot system" by Carlos Villegas
    * "Translation Coordination System" by Gintautas Miliauskas
    * "BTS GUI front-end" by Philipp Kern
    * "debian-cd-ng" by Carlos Parra Camargo
    * Debtags, using AI classifiers for automating the tagging of Debian
      packages" by Alex de Landgraaf "Distribution wide-tracker tools
      (DWTT) and collaborative repository of meta-informations about
      source packages (CRMI)" by Arnaud Fontaine
    * "Automation of Debian Based live-cd creation process" by Robert
    * "Improve Britney, the scripts used to update testing" by FABIO
    * "Debian installer on Debian GNU/Hurd" by Matheus Eduardo B. Morais
    * "BitTorrent Extensions" by Matthew Wronka

All the accepted projects received email to them and their mentor.

The plan is that students who have a blog or setup one for the Summer of
Code will be added to Planet Debian so everyone can follow their
progress on their quest to help Debian improve.

Cheers and thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!
Baruch Even
Debian SoC coordinator

p.s. We are trying to get funding for additional projects from other
companies, if you can help convince your company, it would be great. Let
me know about such efforts so we can coordinate them. Thanks.

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