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Debian-based miniVDR violates GPL (FYI)

Title: Debian-based miniVDR violates GPL (FYI)


I just wanted to let you know about a GPL violation in the distribution miniVDR, a distribution based on Depian with so-called GPL licensed patches (www.minivdr.de). They refuse to share the sources and are willing to give them only for 15euros, which is way abusive and does not reflect the price of media and cd-burner usage. They constantly refused to share the sources on Sourceforge or any other OSS promoting service and even mailed me "the harddisk is broken, so no sources anymore". I have mails from the maintainer of the distribution where he stated I only get the sources for 15eur and if I think it's expensive, I should use other distribution. This is abusive usage of the GPL code. Please let me know if I should forward these mails too or if you need anything.

Do not allow Debian to be chopped like that.

Best regards,
Josephine Ciuca

Intel SAP Onsite Enabling Team
Application Engineer

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