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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

On Monday 15 May 2006 06:18, Anthony Towns wrote:
> It means that if you wish to continue maintaining them, you need to do
> so independently of the Debian Install System Team, which is listed as
> the current maintainer, and of which you are no longer a member. If you
> wish to consult with your co-maintainers for those packages (Matt Kraai
> and Stephen R Marenka for nobootloader, and Cajus Pollmeier for
> partman-prep) and setup a new source control repository, that's
> entirely appropriate.


> You're no longer a member of the d-i team; if they wish to keep those
> packages' source in their subversion repository, it doesn't matter to
> you at all. If they wish to maintain a fork compared to your packages,
> that's fine too. If other members of the d-i team wish to maintain it
> in your stead, they probably will be expected to justify that change as
> a package hijack, depending on what your co-maintainers think of the
> situation.

I actually do not agree with these statements for the reasons outlined in:

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