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Re: Just a second of your time

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 04:59:45PM -0400, Michael wrote:
> Being totally ignorant of any type of Linux based OS, I'm going to ask a
> stupid question. Does Debain use a GUI or does it use a DOSesk black screen
> and typing in commands to get things cooking ? Yes I was raised on GUI ala
> "Windows" but I'm interested in trying to move away from the jugernaut. If
> you don't mind giving me info or even a website so I can research my own
> question. I just don't know where to look first
Hi Michael,
First, welcome to Debian.
All unix-type OS's have 2 levels of interaction: GUI and text-based.
Both are available in Debian (as well as other OS's). The GUI is composed
of usually 2 layers: X Windows and 'windows'-like enviroment like GNOME
or KDE. Goto: http://www.gnome.org or http://www.kde.org to read more
about them and http://www.freedesktop.org for X info.
Second, this list is for people discussing things related to the Debian
Project and is not used for debian 'user' questions. join the
debian-user list for any further questions. Goto http://lists.debian.org
to sign up.
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