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Re: Debian and professional certifications

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org>
> An=EDbal Monsalve Salazar dijo [Tue, May 02, 2006 at 04:40:49PM +1000]:
> > So, the NM process could then be renamed "Debian Professional
> > Certification".
> If you wish to certify somebody as willing to join endless flamewars,
> to idle around in IRC and devote his time to volunteer work, yes, it
> might

There is no requirement for it, although many choose to do that.
Sometimes the artisans and amateurs care too much to let it lie.
Maybe more professionals would actually cool that aspect.

> - Often, certifications care about the individual and not about
> its interactions with any group, but merely take a snapshot on their
> proficiency on a limited set of practical abilities at a given point
> in time (remember that most certifications will expire sooner than
> later).

So, successful debian participation is actually a more realistic
test of one's abilities and proficiency in developing free
software, which is often done in groups. Eventually, that
participation will be irrelevant, but debian recognition of
work isn't driven to expire by a desire to generate test fees,
so it seems superior in that way too.

Even so, I don't think NM should be regarded as the threshhold
- and I don't want to encourage DD trophy hunters - but more
general successful participation seems a good way to help both
debian and professional students.  What is the best form for
documenting it?

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