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Re: irc.debian.org

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> And as for Debian development, I receive even fewer private messages
> related to that.  Do the rest of you?  What aspects of Debian
> development warrant private conversations?  I would think most things
> would be appropriate to discuss either in public or in small, focused
> channels.

I field large amounts of debian development stuff in /msg. Most of it
is stupid debhelper and debconf questions. :-) A significant amount of
the rest is other technical stuff too involved or special-purpose
to be very interesting to others. For example, approximatly once per
week I /msg elmo "plz update the tasksel overrides file from svn". It's
important that elmo get that message, it's useless for other people to
see it, and we have zero irc chanels in common. Some smaller fraction might
be more debian-private related, or just general social interaction.

Just as I don't walk around with a webcam and a mic every time I meet
someone in a pub and talk about Debian stuff there, I don't think this
is a big deal or an openness issue (nor are the private emails, which
are about the same).

This (the private messaging, not the pubcrawling) might have gone up a
bit since I stopped participating in either #debian-devel. FWIW, one
reason I stopped is because of the useless and highly annoying split of
that channel, and I can't see ever returning to that channel until the
two have somehow merged back together.

see shy jo

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