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Re: Debian and professional certifications

Ottavio Caruso <pr0f3ss0r1492@yahoo.com>
> Reply-To: noreply@noreply.xxx

Well, that's a bit offensive.

> 1) Is there a specific Debian policy about
> professional certifications?

Not as far as I know.

> If not so, what's your personal opinion? Useful,
> useless, good, evil?

Useless, mostly evil.

> 2) What about LPI? I've seen they recommend training
> centres in the UK which are definitely Microsoft-only.
> Surely a mistake or are these people interested in
> money only?

Their GPL examination system, Xamnet, has been vapour for years.
Draw your own conclusion about how much they promote freedom!

By the way, you could view debian participation as a sort of
professional certification. Some of the tasks have quite
detailed and testing requirements...

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