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Re: irc.debian.org


        I was pretty neutral about whether we should pull
 irc.debian.org away from freenode,  but a recent incident makes me
 wonder how developer friendly freenode is anymore.

        After some discussion earlier in the day about music players,
 ipods, and  free software one can flash on ipods, I decided to clean
 up my variant of the Green5 rockbox theme and presented screenshots
 on #debian-devel@freenode.

        The images are still at
   fairly innocuous, as you can see.

        I was immediately klined from freenode, no if, and, or buts --
 apparently on the grounds that Spam is not tolerated. Why screenshots
 of free software players are Spam on a debian development channel is
 beyond me -- but obviously  this is not a good thing to happen on a
 project channel.

        OFTC seem to not have such a draconian policy, I suggest we
 move all Debian channels off freenode.

        I am CC'ing the freenode staff on this message, so they do not
 get blind sided.

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