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Re: irc.debian.org

On 2 May 2006, Manoj Srivastava spake thusly:

> I was pretty neutral about whether we should pull
> irc.debian.org away from freenode,  but a recent incident makes me
> wonder how developer friendly freenode is anymore.

        Apparently, the incident of k-lining me was an errant and buggy
 script, and not policy (and I would have realized that had I not been
 up for 36 hour straight when I wrote that email).

        Given that, I am back to being nuetral. I have a number of
 channels that would remain on freenode for (SELinux, rockbox, amarok,
 nlug), and others only live on oftc (debian-kernel, spi,
 debian-women), so I'll probably auto-connect to both (and since I use
 a modern front end like emacs, conneting to multiple servers and
 bitlbee is not a concern personally :)

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