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Re: summer of code: what's next?

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 08:49:17PM +0100, Baruch Even wrote:
>>>AFAIK the period for proposals is over.
>>The time to submit proposals is just now starting, it starts on 1st of
>>May 2006 according to the SoC Student FAQ.
> I was talking from the Debian point of view: we have no more time to add
> new proposals to the Wiki page. Did I get it wrong?

You can add projects, but the students need to submit proposals now, I
guess in the next couple of days would be the last time to do so, after
that the students will stop looking for new projects.

Ofcourse, you can collect information as a Todo list or for the next
year SoC.

>>I think that a week or so from now the time for applications will be
>>over and by 22nd of May all decisions on which projects are to be
>>accepted or rejected.
> Ok, this is the point I'am mainly concerned about. Thus here is a bunch
> of question: do we, as Debian, have a maximum amount of project we can
> accept or similar? Can we accept as many as we wish or not? Who does
> decide the limit? In case is there such a limit, how do we internally
> decide which projects we will accept?

I assume there is some sort of a limit, there are about 80 organizations
that offer projects and about 400 to 500 positions for student projects.
So I expect to have about 6 projects.

I assume the limit will be imposed by Google to distribute projects
rather evenly among projects, assuming all will have qualified students

The project offers will need to be graded by the mentor(s), I'm not sure
about the process of this yet.


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