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Re: Reforming the NM process

On 25 Apr 2006, Panu Kalliokoski verbalised:

> On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 01:14:55PM +0000, Thaddeus H. Black wrote:
>> The fallacy in the argument, in my view, is in the implicit
>> proposition that votes build productive communities.  This simply
>> is not so.  You
> I agree totally and I don't think I ever claimed otherwise.  Most
> things are better settled with discussion.  Given that anyone can
> participate in the discussions of Debian, it would seem sensible
> that anyone could participate in the votes.  For me, the point of
> broadening the voting rights is to increase the openness of the
> project, which I expect to increase contribution.

        You have not yet proved your thesis that either opening the
 decision making process to the unwashed masses, including people who
 have lottle or no commitment to the project, would actually improve
 the decisions, and secondly, that being able to take part in a poll
 actually improves participation.

        Arguable, I would say the hypothesis that it would reduce
 participation is equally valid (people feel voting is important [this
 discussion is proof], people want to vote, only way to vote is to
 contribute, so people join NM)

        /. like polls (which is what your voting idea sounds like) do
 not help make /. code better. I do not see how getting a larger, less
 involved voting population would mean things improve for the end

        There is also the atlas shrugged factor: since
 non-contributors far outnumber contributors,  votes may mean that
 people who do not contribute apart from voting get to tell people who
 do the work how to work.  I can live with that -- my  rate for doing
 so is $250/hour, since then I would not be working for me and people
 like me in a joint venture, I would be working for a set of bosses
 who vote.

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